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The publications of Robert W. Passfield are in large part an offshoot of his career as a Public Historian. For the most part, they are derived from research reports prepared in support of the heritage conservation program of the Parks Canada Agency, and research papers prepared for the evaluation of persons, places, and events in the engineering field, in support of the national commemoration mandate of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

The publications draw heavily as well on the experience and knowledge gained in the course of researching and recording industrial heritage sites and structures; and are mostly within the fields of industrial archaeology, the history of technology, public works engineering, or heritage conservation.

The publications have taken the form of books, chapters in books, articles in professional journals, and brochures, in which historic canal and historic bridge subjects are well represented. Follow the links above for full details about each of these publications.

Pdf copies of some of the publications of Robert W. Passfield are provided herein strictly for personal consultation and/or for research purposes. The papers are copyrighted, and are not to be copied for distribution, or circulation.   If a paper is utilized in the preparation of another work, please adhere to established scholarly conventions in citing the paper.

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