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Conference Presentations

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) Conference.
(Toronto, October l980). "Ordnance Supply Problems in the Canadas: The Quest for an Improved Military Transport System, 1814 - l828".

Canadian Institute of Surveying (CIS) Conference.
( Ottawa, April l982). "A Wilderness Survey: Laying out the Rideau Canal, l826-l832".

Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA) Conference.
(Quebec City, June l989). "The Peterborough Hydraulic Lift Lock: An Engineering Phenomenon".

Canadian Historical Association (CHA) Conference.
(Victoria, B.C., May 1990). "Industrial Heritage Commemoration in the Canadian Parks Service: Origins, Approach and Undertakings".

Company of Military Historians Conference.
(Ottawa, October 1992). "Engineering the Defence of the Canadas: Strategic Canals, 1815-1856".

Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA) Conference.
(Toronto, June 1994). "The Turcot Riveted Arch Truss Bridge, 1889".

Canal History and Technology Symposium.
(Lafayette College, Easton, PA, March 2001). “Construction of the Victoria Tubular Bridge”.

International Engineering History Congress.
(American Society of Civil Engineers, Houston, Texas, October 2001). “Commemorating Historic Engineering Landmarks in Canada”, presented at the invitation of the ASCE organizers of a session on “International and National Engineering Landmarks”.

Canal History and Technology Symposium.
( Lafayette College, Easton, PA, March 2003). “Construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway”.

World Canals Conference.
(Bethlehem, PA, September 2006). “Technology Transfer: Hydraulic Lift Locks”.

Canal History and Technology Symposium.
( Lafayette College, Easton, PA, March 2007). “Design Evolution: Reconstructed Timber Swing Bridges on the Rideau Canal”.

Canal History and Technology Symposium.
(Lafayette College, Easton, P.A., March 2007). “Reconstructing Timber Swing Bridges at Parks Canada”.

Chairing Conference Sessions

During his profession career, Passfield chaired a number of sessions at national and international conferences.

Canadian Science and Technology Historical Association (CSTHA).
Chaired four conference sessions over a period of years: “Invention and Discovery", November l978; "New Directions in Canadian Transportation History", October l981; "Science and Technology in l9th Century Canada", October l983; and "Aspects of Canadian Technology", October l985.

International Historic Bridges Conference.
(Wheeling, W.V., October 1999). Chaired session on “Preserving Historic Bridges”.

National Council on Public History Conference.
(Ottawa, Ontario, May 2001). Chaired session on “The Nature of ‘Place’ in Preserving Industrial Landscapes”.

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